Duggan Society: a new e-business is reshaping home’s tables

Solana Braun Duggan

Duggan Society is an e-commerce store where you can find everything to create your best moments as a host. At only one click you could get different kinds of articles to your table, specifically dishes, forks, knives, cups, everything cured with attention, care and love.   

This new company, which is reshaping the home’s tables, was founded by Solana Braun Duggan and Catalina Sola Duggan. They are cousin entrepreneurs who feel that when people sit at the table, they communicate with the environment and take action. Therefore, they have created the Duggan Society to provide all shoppers with a carefully crafted and charming collection of utensils.

In essence, the company’s aim is to provide customers with the tableware (made from a variety of materials and designs) and decorative elements needed to create memorable setups.

A family business

Solana Braun Duggan and Catalina Sola Duggan are cousins who blend their experience and expertise to perfection. In that sense, every Duggan Society product has the vision and enthusiasm of both of them.

Solana is an experienced entrepreneur in the field of interior design. She is also a collector of furniture and decoration. Through this project she shows clients her skills in decorating and table setting.

Solana Braun Duggan

Catalina is a graphic designer. She is characterized by her creativity to communicate through designs and art, putting them at the service of the table and the meeting.

Both, through their social networks, live between Buenos Aires (Argentina) and New York. Therefore, in this project they fuse and mix the best cultural details of these two capitals, a characteristic that makes Duggan Society something very particular.

Duggan Society foundation

The company was created in the minds of the cousins for a long time. The idea was born out of the annoyance of trying to buy a collection of beautiful and useful things to set tables creatively, without solutions that would make it easier to do so.

The Duggan cousins during their table-setting experience had the problem that they could never buy a useful collection in one shop. Therefore, they had to visit different places asking if they had a specific item for the tables. 

Because of this awkward situation, they decided to create this project and solve the problem. Since then, everyone can find on the Duggan Society website collections and care combos with specific designs to place and create art.

This concept will be available at one click from your mobile phone, by visiting the Duggan Society website you will find different types of collections for various gatherings. Hence, for people interested in entertaining their visitors or guests, this is an amazing facility and will save time from searching and asking around in different shops to get your table combo.

The company’s philosophy

Setting the table is no ordinary act and the Duggan cousins know that. Moreover, they assume that when we are hosts we communicate everything to our guests.

In this regard, all collections stem from the concept that setting the table for a gathering is a way of communicating our interests, affections, and emotions to others. However, it is essential to always consider the importance of functionality and its integration with the aesthetics and art of the table. 

These are the key concepts of the Duggan Society. The main idea of the company is to create memorable and respectful gatherings. Whether you are meeting with your family, your friends or our colleagues, on the Duggan website you will find the best and finest tableware to create art on your table.

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